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AAI Tops the List of Semi-Finalists for Green Chemistry Technology Showcase

Akron Ascent Innovations has been selected as a semi-finalist in the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3) Startup Network 4th Annual Technology Showcase. AAI is one of 10 companies selected, which collectively represent Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, in industries including personal care, building, apparel and textiles, cleaning products, electronics, adhesives and coatings, bioplastics, pharmaceutical, and energy.


Akron Legal News: Akron Ascent dry adhesives go to market: “Pinless Parenting”

Richard Weiner, Legal News Reporter for The Akron Legal News, published an article describing Akron Ascent Innovations’ recent launch of ShearGrip and Pinless brand products. The article is a follow-up to an prior report on AAI’s nascent development of dry adhesive technology and provides a particular focus on the consumer-oriented “Pinless Parenting” blog introduced to demonstrate different uses of Pinless products.


Crain's Akron Business: Akron adhesives startup hopes new products will stick

Sue Walton, Associate Editor with Crain’s Akron Business, featured Akron Ascent Innovations in a recent article. Sue, who previously reported on AAI in June 2017, provides a unique perspective on AAI’s growth trajectory and transition from lab-scale to commercial-scale production.


Face for Radio: AAI featured on Akron news station

AAI’s own Principal Scientist and Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Kevin White, was interviewed this week for the radio program, “This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro.” In addition to a rousing discussion between Jeanne and Kevin on AAI, the development of ShearGrip, bio-inspired technology, and the launch of Pinless products, the show includes hackers, cyber attacks on the city of Akron, scary messages through home security systems, pothole-filling drones, and new heater technology.


AAI Launches First Nanofiber Dry Adhesive Products at

After spending most of 2018 focused on transitioning from a lab-scale process to commercial product, Akron-based start-up Akron Ascent Innovations is proud to announce that products backed with ShearGrip®, the first nanofiber dry adhesive, are now available at


AAI Teases Launch of ShearGrip Technology at the 2018 American Chemical Society National Meeting

AAI Chief Operating Officer and Principal Scientist, Dr. Kevin White, presented recent work on the development of ShearGrip nanofiber dry adhesives at the ACS National Meeting & Expo this summer. The conference, themed “Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Beyond,” was held in Boston, Massachusetts. With over 16,000 attendees from all over the world, the ACS National meeting and Expo is an ideal event to network, and discover new research and technology.


Akron Ascent CEO Receives National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award

Dr. Barry Rosenbaum, CEO and President of Akron Ascent Innovations and senior fellow at the University of Akron Research Foundation, received an award for advancing entrepreneurship in higher education at the 6th annual Deshpande Symposium in Lowell, MA.


CS Monitor: CSMonitor Features Akron Ascent in Article on Revitalization of Rust Belt

Akron Ascent is prominently featured in a new article by Simon Montlake on the revitalization of the rust belt through technology innovation.  "Inside a clear plastic box the size of a rabbit hutch, a 12-inch drum turns slowly on its axis. At each turn the drum is coated with polymer threads, 100 times as thin as a human hair, fired from a needle-and-syringe electrospinner, just as Spider-Man shoots his webs. It takes 20 minutes to produce an adhesive film...


AAI adds new team member Rebecca Kuznarsky to transform amazing materials into amazing products

Akron Ascent Innovations is pleased to welcome Rebecca Kuznarsky to the team.  Rebecca is an Akron Zip at heart, having earned an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering with biology separation and a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering.  She has been involved in the applications of electrospinning since her graduate days, and worked in Professor Darrell Reneker's laboratory as an undergraduate...

快乐飞艇分析软件 How the old B.F. Goodrich building in Akron is helping 21st century start-ups

In a vestige of Akron's industrial rubber past, more than 40 small start-ups are dreaming big new ideas.

The Akron Global Business Accelerator, in the old B.F. Goodrich building on South Main Street, is a glossy, industrial-chic space populated with businesses that range from a single employee to graduates selling products or services around the globe…


AAI Awarded NSF TECP Grant for Commercialization Dry Adhesive Products with Velcro Companies

With the support of an NSF Technology Enhancement for Commercial Partnerships (TECP) grant, AAI has partnered with Velcro Companies, to develop the technology into products for a range of adhesive markets.  “It is a great opportunity to partner with a company that knows the industry and can help us expand and market our product,” said Dr. Barry Rosenbaum, AAI’s President and CEO.

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